Majors in Minutes Fall 2013

Declaring a Major

All students must formally declare an academic major by submitting the appropriate forms to the Office of the Registrar>> before earning 65 credit hours.

  • MAJOR: A group of courses (usually around 15) that are all related to one academic discipline.
  • MINOR: A smaller group of courses (usually around 5) that are all related to one academic discipline.

Academic Advising in the First Year

All students must receive academic advising from their UNV advisor for the first two semesters of study before being transferred to their major advisor.
Review the "How to Declare your Major" workshop materials>> to help with the Major Declaration Process in Spring 2015.

The Major Declaration Form

A “Major/Specialization/Minor Declaration Form” must be completed by the student (with proper signatures) and received in the Office of the Registrar to officially declare a specific major, specialization, or minor.  Find the Major/Specialization/Minor Declaration Form>> on the Registrar’s Office website under the ‘forms’ tab.

The declaration form signifies that you are changing from ‘undeclared status’ or an ‘intended major’ to being fully declared in your college or school. Consult your University Catalog to see under which college or school your new major is categorized.  Indicate any Pre-Professional or Teacher Certification Programs you are also pursuing.

The Department Chairperson who oversees your newly declared major will sign your declaration form.  Print your new academic advisor’s name next to the Departmental Signature.  If your degree and major reflect a change of college or school, a signature is also required from the Associate Dean of your new program.  Once all other signatures are received, sign and date the form.  Return the form to the Registrar’s Office (Langdale Hall, Room 108).