4 Year AAS Orangeprint

The 4 Year Orangeprint

Building a Mercer experience is similar to creating a blueprint-- students DISCOVER the possibilities, DESIGN a plan, DEVELOP and implement a strategy, and DEFINE their master plan. Use Mercer's Orangeprint as your four-year draft for building success throughout your college experience.

Draft your Orangeprint

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Year One: Discover

Focus on a successful transition to Mercer, learning how to balance your life both in and outside the classroom. DISCOVER everything Mercer has to offer to build your college experience!

Year Two: Design

Experience MORE in your SophoMORE year! Take your vision for college to the next level and DESIGN a plan that makes it a reality.

Year Three: Develop

As you make your way toward graduation, it's time to bear down. DEVELOP and implement your plans to achieve your goals!

Year Four: Define

Make senior year the year to DEFINE your future. Put the finishing touches on your time at Mercer and move on to bigger and better things!

Graduate! Congratulations—you did it!

Orangeprint Drawing Boards

Use the Orangeprint Drawing Boards to help you clarify what matters most to you, stay focused on those desires, and envision your future. Click on the boards below to download the .pdf versions!

Mercer Drawing Board, Choose your Path Mercer Drawing Board Identify your WhyMercer Drawing Board, Set Academic GoalsMercer Drawing Board, Add Value to your ResumeMercer Drawing Board, Set Personal Goals

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