Transient Student Process

An undergraduate student who wishes to take academic course(s) elsewhere and apply those credits toward a Mercer degree is considered a transient student. The student must have been enrolled and attended classes at Mercer for at least one semester prior to requesting permission to study elsewhere. Transient students should complete a Transient Request Form, available on the Registrar’s Office website>>. Please note: Transient Request Forms should NOT completed by hand. Instead, students should complete the form electronically, print, and obtain necessary signatures prior to returning to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Forms not completed correctly will be returned to the student for proper completion.

Completing the Transient Request Form

  • Complete the form electronically-- do NOT complete by hand.
  • Indicate the course number, title, and credit hours of the transient course.
  • Anticipate the equivalent Mercer course.
  • Print the form after all transient information is added.
  • Earn academic advisor and College or School Dean signatures.
  • Hand in the completed form to the Registrar's Office to 1) verify the Mercer equivalent of the transient course, 2) verify good academic standing at Mercer, and 3) send the form to the transient institution.

It is the students' responsibility to apply and be accepted to the transient institution, enroll in the course, and send final transcripts back to Mercer's Registrar's Office for transient credit to be earned.

Transient Student Reminders: 

  • If pursuing a Special Consideration Program, students needs to check their program's track-specific student handbook for any program restrictions before making plans to take transient coursework.
  • Only grades of "C" or better in courses equivalent to Mercer credit can be accepted.
  • Transient grades/quality points have no effect on the cumulative Mercer GPA; however, all grades are calculated for possible graduation honors.
  • Transient courses cannot be used to replace grades earned in Mercer courses.
  • Students can take no more than two consecutive terms as transient.