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Building First-Year Student Schedules

As you work through the process of fall course registration at summer orientation, use the profile included in the folder you picked up from our office as a guide. This will tell you about any special programs that require certain enrollments, courses for which the student may receive credit, etc.

AP/IB Results

These usually are sent to Mercer and loaded into CampusVue beginning in July.  Remind students to have their scores sent to us.  Schedules can be revised in August accordingly.

View the IB Equivalency chart>>

CHM 111

Students wanting to schedule CHM 111 must be eligible for MAT 191 (MIDX of 950 or higher, or Math Placement Exam score of 15 or higher). See Math Placement criteria>> for more information. 

Honors Program

All students should be enrolled in a section of HON 105.

Math Course Placement

Review the Math Placement criteria>>

Placement Exams

For more information, review the Placement Exam criteria>>.

New, first-year students should be provided with more information about the online math placement exam and foreign language exam during their Dean’s meetings.  They can take the exams during summer orientation.

Same-day exam scores will be available in CampusVue, and are coordinated through the Math and Foreign Language Departments and the CLA Associate Dean’s Office.

Semester Hours

14-15 course hours is ideal for the first semester, although there will be exceptions.  Many scholarships, loan providers, and health insurance plans require students to carry at least a full-time schedule for the entire semester.

Service Scholars

All incoming Mercer Service Scholars must be registered for MSS 111.v01 and HON 105.

Wait Lists

If at all possible, don’t place students on wait lists for courses with students already waiting.  It is very possible we might not see additional seats or sections in classes already filled to capacity.