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Mercer University undergraduates who plan to pursue a career in pharmacy are considered to be on the “pre-pharmacy” track. Pre-pharmacy students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences may earn any bachelor’s degree as they fulfill the prerequisites for the pharmacy school of their choice or may participate in the Accelerated Special Consideration Program (ASCP) described in detail on the Special Consideration Programs page>>.

Students should note that the prerequisite for all introductory science courses in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (chemistry, biology, and physics) is “calculus-readiness” (competency in mathematics at or above the pre-calculus level). Students planning on following a pre-health professions track are therefore advised to take mathematics in high school at least through the pre-calculus level.

Pre-Pharmacy Track Advising Resources

  • Routes to Pharmacy 2023

Current Mercer Students

Students enrolled at Mercer who are following one of the pre-health professions tracks should enroll in the “GPS” (pre-Graduate & Professional School) advising course on Canvas.