Pre-Speech-Language Pathology

Two students sitting in front of a computer.

Students who aspire to become speech pathologists or audiologists are considered to be on the “pre-speech language pathology”, or “pre-SP” track. Pre-speech language pathology is not an academic major; every pre-SP student must declare and work towards a degree as they fulfill the admission requirements for their preferred graduate programs.

Students need to be aware that the prerequisite science coursework for the pre-health professions tracks is only offered on Mercer’s Macon campus. Students must therefore be enrolled in one of Mercer’s colleges or schools on the Macon campus to complete any of the pre-health professions tracks. However, some pre-SP prerequisites are not offered at Mercer and will need to be taken elsewhere as a transient student. Please see the Coursework and Majors for Pre-SP document below.

Pre-SP Track Advising Resources

Current Mercer Students

Students enrolled at Mercer who are following one of the pre-health professions tracks should enroll in the “GPS” (pre-Graduate & Professional School) advising course on Canvas.