Academic Reports

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Student Records Release Authorization

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was enacted to give students access to their education records and to protect their privacy. Unless a student is legally dependent, the University is prohibited by FERPA from releasing student account information to a parent or guardian or other unauthorized third party without the student’s consent.

Students who wish to grant access to an authorized individual should complete and submit the Student Records Release Authorization to the Registrar’s Office before the University can discuss any academic and/or financial information with a parent or guardian. Please note: Even if a Student Records Release Authorization is on file for a student, progress reports are not automatically released to parents or guardians.


Starfish is an electronic portal that provides students with a central location to connect to the people and services that can help them successfully complete their degree at Mercer. Through Starfish, students can view progress reports, schedule appointments with an academic advisor or financial aid counselor, and contact offices and resources for additional assistance. Students can access their Starfish homepage by logging in to MyMercer and clicking the ‘Starfish’ link.

View the Starfish Guide for Students to learn more >

Four Week Progress Reports

As a means of providing feedback to first-year students early in their fall and spring semesters, Academic and Advising Services collaborates with faculty to provide four-week progress reports to students via their MyMercer student portal as part of the Starfish program. First-year students receive a general report on their academic progress during the first four weeks of the semester. During this early assessment, faculty provide comments regarding class attendance, participation, grades (if any), and suggestions for improvement. Progress reports are sent electronically to both students and their academic advisors. These early reports are an excellent way for students and their advisors to monitor the student’s academic progress.

Mid-Term Reports

At the mid-term of each semester, students who are experiencing academic difficulty receive a progress report from their faculty. This report, generated through Starfish and available in the MyMercer student portal, is more detailed than the four-week evaluation and provides specifics regarding possible sources of academic difficulty and specific suggestions for improvement. The mid-term report may also include a faculty member’s suggestion to withdraw from a particular class.

Hold Notices

Some students may have holds placed on their student accounts related to tuition payments, library fines, parking tickets, etc. These holds are communicated to students through their MyMercer portal. Students should contact the office responsible for each hold to resolve the hold. Holds that remain throughout the semester could prevent students from completing course registration for future semesters.