Second Year at Mercer

The SophoMORE Program is an initiative from the Office of Academic & Advising Services to help second-year students get MORE from their sophomore year and progress toward their academic goals.

SophoMORE Listserv

Be on the lookout for academic updates from the Office of Academic and Advising Services. Information communicated through the listserv includes registration tips and tricks, major declaration reminders, and academic reminders of workshops, speakers, and events that would enhance their overall success in their second year.

SophoMORE Newsletter

A newsletter specifically for sophomore students with study tips, academic reminders, information about various majors, spotlight on your academic advisors, and upcoming SophoMORE events.

Majors in Minutes

Majors in Minutes is a major fair to highlight the different academic options available at Mercer. This event, designed specifically for all first-year and second-year students, will showcase majors from the College of Liberal Arts, Stetson School of Business and Economics, School of Engineering, Tift College of Education, Townsend School of Music, and the College of Health Professions– over 60 majors to choose from! The goal of this program is to help students find a major that interests them.

Experience MORE in the SophoMORE Year

  • Download the Sophomore Checklist
  • Declare your major. Decide upon a minor area of study (if applicable).
  • Join Phi Eta Sigma if you earned a 3.5 or higher GPA your first year.
  • Begin actively pursuing internship opportunities related to your academic and career interests.
  • Are you interested in graduate or professional school? Start researching them. Find out how to prepare and learn about any timelines you need to follow.
  • Visit the Office of National Scholarships and Fellowships to consider options and begin preparations for applications if you are interested.
  • Decide on a study abroad opportunity.
  • Look for leadership and research opportunities.
  • Update your resume.
  • Consider joining or attending a professional association in your career interest.
  • Review your four-year academic plan. Are you on track?
  • Stay involved in organizations outside the classroom.
  • Register for your junior year courses including any summer classes.

Use Academic and Advising Services in your Second Year to: