How to Register for Classes

All new students will work with an academic advisor from their college or school to build a semester course schedule prior to their enrollment at Mercer University. Students review their course schedule with an academic advisor while attending Summer Orientation and Bear Beginnings. After their first semester, students register themselves for subsequent semesters using their MyMercer portal. The Office of Academic and Advising Services has developed these helpful tips in guiding students throughout their advising and registration process.

Before the Advising Appointment

Students will schedule an advising appointment with their academic advisor to discuss appropriate courses for next semester. This appointment should be completed before the specified registration time. Before the advising appointment, the Office of Academic and Advising Services suggests:

  • Review courses for which you have received credit and/or your current semester schedule to know what academic requirements you have already satisfied.
  • Reference the Registrar’s Class Schedule and consult the Open/Closed Seat list on MyMercer to plan for the upcoming semester. Be sure to identify courses that could serve as “alternate courses” in case your desired courses do not have seats available.
  • Check MyMercer for holds on your account that could prevent you from completing the registration process.

During the Advising Appointment

Review your tentative plans with your advisor. If possible, check potential classes/schedules for specific items already closed, time changes, etc. Work with your advisor to complete your schedule, listing courses and alternates.

After the Advising Appointment

Keep watching the ‘Schedule of Classes’ on MyMercer for courses that fill and adjust your proposed schedule based on updates about available classes. See your advisor again if you discover that all the course choices you listed are full. Check MyMercer periodically for holds that may appear on your student account that could prevent you from completing the registration process.

Watch the “How to Register for Classes video” below for more information on navigating your MyMercer portal.

During Registration

Be available for registration with MyMercer at your assigned time. If you encounter technical difficulties with the MyMercer system during registration, contact the IT Helpdesk.

  • On the top bar of MyMercer, select ‘online registration.’ Note: If your account is on hold for any reason, you will receive the error “online registration is not available” with a stop sign. If your registration date and time are in the future, your display will be “group closed.”
  • Select your enrollment and term. Click on ‘begin online registration’ to start the process.
  • The display default on the left of the screen is “required courses.” You may click the “elective” option to bring up other available course options. To see sections available for courses appearing, click the (+) sign to the left of course to expand the course selection. Click on the (+) beside the section to select.
  • If you do not see courses that you want to register for, use the ‘quick add’ feature. You must enter the complete exact course information (include period) under ‘course code.’ Example: CLA HIS 105. Then, under ‘section,’ enter the number as it appears on the schedule. Examples: 001 or 1T1
  • Don’t panic when classes begin to close, but rather use alternate times and/or your alternate courses to complete your registration process.
  • After choosing all courses needed, make sure your schedule is correct. Remove any courses that may have been listed in error using the (-) sign.
  • Click ‘proceed to final step.’
  • If all information is correct, click on ‘register.’ Your course schedule will now be complete. (Warning! Skipping this step leads to frustration and regret!)