Frequently Asked Questions

Peer Advisors are selected each spring for service during the upcoming academic year. Each year, we seek to select the best candidates for the position, regardless of race, national origin, ability, veteran status, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion.

New applicants must submit ALL application materials (listed below) by the given deadline to be considered for the position:

  • Complete the New PA Application here.
  • Record a 1-minute application video that tells us a little about yourself and also answers the prompt outlined in the video template. Videos exceeding 1 minute will not be considered. Videos should be uploaded directly to your application through the form.
  • RETURNING PAs ONLY: Please complete the Returning PA Application here>>.


I received an e-mail that I was nominated by a member of the Mercer community. Does this mean I am guaranteed/have a better chance at becoming a PA?

No. As stated in the e-mail – this nomination does not give you priority over other candidates in the application process; it just means someone who has been a PA sees your potential and wants you to apply!

What do I do as a Peer Advisor (PA)?

Great question! The Peer Advisor program—part of New Student Programs within our Office of Academic and Advising Services—is a volunteer student leadership position where PAs help provide new students and their families with a seamless transition to Mercer University. PAs help to facilitate our summer orientation programs, fall orientation program (Bear Beginnings), and the UNV 101 fall semester classroom experience. PAs offer a peer perspective and act as a friend, role model, mentor, guide, and support to new students.

Do I have to be a first year student to apply for the PA position?

No. Any rising sophomore, junior, or senior students can apply for the PA position!

Where can I access the PA application?

Here is our New PA application link: This will take you to a Google Form where you can fill out the application.

Do I have to be involved on campus in order to apply to be a PA?

No, but it can only help!

I graduate in December. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can!


When is the application available?

The 2024 Peer Advisor Application launches February 5, 2024. All materials are due Monday, February 19th, by 5:00 PM.

Do I have to bring a hard copy of the application to the office?

No, you can submit everything online! If you need to submit a paper copy, please email

Do I need reference letters?

No. You do not need physical letters, but you will need to list two references on your online application (name, title, e-mail address, and phone number). This reference should not be a peer or close friend/family member.

Can one of my references by my RA or PA?

No, you may not use any current Mercer students as a reference.

Do I need to submit a resume?

No, a resume is not necessary. However, while previous experience is not required for the Peer Advisor position, the online application will require you to let us know about any co-curricular activities you may be involved in during the Fall 2024 semester.

What should I list for my GPA on the application if I do not have a Mercer GPA?

If you do not have a Mercer GPA, please use your most recent GPA from a previous institution (i.e., previous college, university, etc.)


What should I wear if selected for an individual interview?

We would recommend wearing something more professional and appropriate for an interview setting. Be sure to wear something that helps you feel comfortable and confident!

What happens if I don’t sign up for an interview on time?

We will e-mail you a link that will allow you to sign up for your individual interview. It is your responsibility as the candidate to follow-through on this portion of the application process. If you do not select a time slot, we will assume that you do not wish to continue in the application process.

Will I know the questions beforehand?

No. Just like most other professional or leadership role interviews, you will not be privy to the questions before arriving to either the individual interviews. However, generally speaking, you can expect to be ready to share why you are interested in the Peer Advisor position & why you believe you are qualified.

How early before my interview should I arrive?

We suggest arriving 5 to 10 minutes before your schedule time.

How long is the individual interview?

You can expect for your individual interview to last between 10 and 15 minutes.

Do I need to bring a copy of anything with me?

No – just bring a smile and a great attitude!

When will I be notified of the next step?

If you move on to the individual interview stage, we will notify you by Monday, February 26, 2024.

After the individual interview, the Office of Academic and Advising Services will notify you by Friday March 22, 2024.

If you have received a role on the 2024 PA team, you will then need to accept this offer by Monday, March 25th , 2024.

Are the interviews conducted by only one person? Who will interview me?

For the individual interview, there will just be you and a few Orientation staff members present.


What types of characteristics or abilities are you looking for in Peer Advisor candidates?

The Office of Academic and Advising Services is seeking students who have a willingness to learn and grow as a student, person, and leader. In addition, students should be committed to the idea of servant leadership, have critical thinking skills, have a high level of emotional intelligence, be able to manage themselves and others, rely on effective means of communication, and live a life congruent with the purpose of helping new students and families have a seamless transition to Mercer University.

What if I have to miss a session over the summer?

If you are offered and accept a Peer Advisor position, your participation in at least three of the six Orientation sessions is mandatory. Inability to attend must be coordinated and approved at the discretion of the program Coordinator: Dana Horsford ( That being said, we always want to encourage students to have a variety of experiences during their time here at Mercer. So yes, you can possibly miss a summer session or sessions!

Can I live off-campus during the summer?

When you are here this summer for orientation, we will provide you with FREE on-campus housing. If you already have plans to live off-campus during the fall semester, you are not required to stay on-campus, but everyone will have on-campus housing available to them during orientation season.

Can I take summer classes?

Yes, you can take summer classes, but if they interfere with the summer orientation dates, you must inform Dana Horsford.

Can I study abroad in the summer?

We always want to encourage students to have a variety of experiences during their time here at Mercer. So yes, you can study abroad in the summer! But again, if you will be gone the whole summer, you must inform Dana Horsford if you won’t be available to work summer orientations.

Can I be a Resident Assistant (RA) and a Peer Advisor at the same time?

No. You cannot be an RA and a PA at the same time because our training dates overlap.

Can I be a Peer Advisor and be in marching band?

No. Marching band practice and Peer Advisor training overlap..

Can I be a Peer Advisor for more than one year?

Yes! But each year, our Peer Advisors must reapply if they want to return to the team the following year.

As a Peer Advisor, will I have to talk in front of a lot of people?

One aspect of the Peer Advisor role requires you to help facilitate the UNV 101 classroom experience. It is important that you feel comfortable taking on this role. During summer orientation, you will have lots of opportunities individually speak with students and families.

I have heard there is a class for Peer Advisors. When is that?

There is a class, but it’s only for our first time Peer Advisors! The class is UNV 201, and you will meet once a week. Dates and times are TBD, based off of everyone’s schedules and availability. This class is led by Grace Day, Dana Horsford and one (or two) members of our Orientation Leadership Team. As a First Year PA, teaching UNV 101 and being registered in UNV 201 will count for 2 credit hours. But if this puts you over the 18 credit hour limit, we can work with you to ensure you are not charged for these hours.

What is the Peer Advisor training process like?

During the summer, the evening before each orientation, we will have a very brief informational session for anyone that is about to work their first ever orientation. Then, all the PAs that are working that orientation will come together to enjoy dinner and we will go over specific details of the orientation day, as well as finalize any set-up or preparation. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know other PAs, and we make it informative and lots of fun!

In August, all of our Peer Advisors will come together for a week long training process where we focus on Bear Beginnings, the UNV 101 experience, and much more. These days can be long, but it’s also the best week of the summer! We keep training engaging, while continuing to have fun and grow closer as a team!

Will I have to learn about everything Mercer-related by myself?

No! Training and the UNV 201 class will teach you all you need to know about how to successfully help transition new students to Mercer University. You will also be surrounded by your fellow Peer Advisors, as well as our Orientation Leadership Team, who will help you become the best possible Peer Advisor!