OLT 2019

Orientation Leadership Team

The Orientation Leadership Team (OLT), as part of the Office of Academic and Advising Services, have a tremendous opportunity to give back to Mercer by shaping the new student experience, mentoring and guiding the Peer Advisor team, and implementing orientation sessions and Bear Beginnings

Above all, OLT care to give back to the Mercer community through positively impacting the orientation experience of our newest Mercer students. OLT serve alongside the Coordinator of New Student Programs, Director of New Student Programs, and the Graduate Assistant for Academic and Advising Services to form the Orientation Head Staff and accomplish all orientation tasks to assist in the transition of new students to Mercer. OLT must believe in the power of teamwork, aspiring to provide support to our Peer Advisor staff, who in turn support the incoming first-year and transfer students.

OLT Commitment to Service

View the 2019 orientation dates>>.

Spring Semester

time requirements prior to May are kept to a minimum.

  • Have and maintain a suggested 2.75 GPA and good academic standing with the University.
  • Help implement January Orientation prior to the start of the Spring semester.
  • Assist with the marketing for and selection of next Peer Advisor team.
  • Plan and implement Spring Training for newly selected Peer Advisor staff.
  • Assist with Spring Programming for first-year students within the Office of Academic and Advising Services.
  • Attend weekly Professional Development meetings with the Coordinator of New Student Programs.


  • Work 15+ hours a week in the Office of Academic and Advising Services from mid-May through the end of Bear Beginnings (stipend paid bi-weekly).
  • Plan and implement May Orientation, six Summer Orientations, Transfer Orientation, and Bear Beginnings.
  • Engage campus resources, AAS staff members, and PA team in implementation of PA Training in August.
  • Function as Orientation Head Staff in communicating with members of our Mercer community and Peer Advisor staff, upholding professionalism and ethical standards.

Fall Semester

  • Co-facilitate UNV 201 for first-year Peer Advisors.
  • Help plan and implement PA professional development opportunities throughout the semester.
  • Promote OLT selection for upcoming year.

OLT Application

Application Opens: Wednesday, November 21

Application Closes: Monday, December 3

Interviews: Tuesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 5

Step 1: Fill out your OLT Application>>
Step 2: Submit your PA Retreat Plan>>
Step 3: Sign up for an 30-minute interview time>>

We seek to select the best candidates for the position, regardless of race, national origin, ability, veteran status, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion. Any sophomore, junior, or returning senior Peer Advisor can apply for the OLT position. Note: applicants must be available for the duration of the summer from mid-May through Bear Beginnings.

Selection Criteria

Members of Orientation Leadership Team will be selected upon:
  • Their current standing with New Student Programs.
  • The quality of their written application.
  • Reference check provided by a Mercer faculty or staff member.
  • The creativity and thoroughness of their PA Retreat and Budget Plan.
  • The quality of their PA Interview with the Coordinator of New Student Programs and Director of New Student Programs.