Major in Minutes

Majors in Minutes is a majors fair to highlight the different academic options available at Mercer.  This event, designed specifically for all first-year and second-year students, will showcase majors from the College of Liberal Arts, Stetson School of Business and Economics, School of Engineering, Tift College of Education, and Townsend School of Music-- over 60 majors to choose from!  The goal of this program is to help students find a major that interests them. 

Event Design 

Majors in Minutes is done "speed-dating style."  Each Mercer major will be represented by a junior or senior student currently studying in that major.  These representatives, stationed at tables throughout Penfield Hall, will speak with first-year and second-year students to offer the peer perspective on their major.  Every 10 minutes, a bell will ring, prompting attendees to decide if they would like to stay at their current table or visit a different major.  First-year and second-year students may chose to visit one major, or to visit them all, during the event.

Ask the Major Representatives: 

  • What types of classes do you take in this major?  
  • What have you enjoyed most about this major?   
  • What you do like the least? What has surprised you about this major?  
  • What classes would you suggest me taking if I'd like to learn more about this program?  
  • Which faculty members or advisors could I talk to if I wanted to learn more about this major?  
  • Are there opportunities for internships or field experiences in this major?   
  • Would you recommend me getting involved in campus organizations?  If so, which ones?