Pre-Physician Assistant

Students who aspire to become physician assistants are considered to be on one of the "pre-physician assistant (pre-PA) tracks."  A student may prepare for a graduate PA program:  1. earning a bachelor's degree as s/he fulfills the prerequisites for his/her preferred graduate PA program, 2. participate in the Accelerated Special Consideration Program (ASCP; described in detail on the Special Consideration Programs page), or 3. fulfill only the minimum requirements for the graduate PA program of his/her choice before matriculation.  Pre-PA students must familiarize themselves with the track expectations and requirements detailed in the Pre-Physician Assistant Track Fundamentals handbook and are encouraged to obtain track-specific advising from the pre-professional advisor in the Office of Academic and Advising Services.

Students need to be aware that the prerequisite coursework in the sciences is only offered on Mercer's Macon campus; students must apply to one of Mercer's colleges or schools located in Macon, Georgia to complete the pre-PA track.  Students should also note that competency in mathematics at or above the calculus level is required to begin the chemistry and biology sequences at Mercer University.  Students planning on following the pre-physician assistant track are therefore advised to take mathematics in high school at least through the pre-calculus level.

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