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Office Mission

Mercer University’s Office of Academic and Advising Services promotes the educational success of Macon's traditional undergraduate students through a variety of support programs focused on academic advising, new student transition programs and curriculum, pre-health professions programs, pre-graduate school advising, and recognition of academic excellence.

Office Programs and Services

  • Coordination of academic advising for first-year students through the UNV 101 courses.

  • Academic advising for new transfer students.

  • Advising resources for all students.

  • Leadership opportunities for sophomore, junior, and senior students through the Peer Advisor and Orientation Leadership Team positions.

  • Recognition for first-year and pre-professional students within National Honor Societies.

  • Advising and resources for students who plan to apply to professional or graduate schools.

  • Workshops and programs to help students choose an academic major.

  • Four-week and midterm progress reports designed to provide helpful feedback to students regarding their academic progress.

  • New student orientations in summer, fall, and spring.

  • UNV 201, a course to prepare student Peer Advisors to serve as peer instructors.

  • First-Year Fridays, a series of presentations for the first-year class focusing on topics such as Mercer heritage and culture, community service and engagement, health and wellness, and academic resources.

  • Transfer events to assist transfer students in their transition to the Mercer community.

  • SophoMORE Program to help second-year students get MORE from their sophomore year and progress toward their academic goals.

  • Facilitation of a UNV 102 course to explore academic motivation, major/minor opportunities, and vocational interests.

Office of Academic and Advising Services

Langdale Hall, Macon Campus
Phone: (478) 301-2078 | Fax: (478) 301-2015
E-mail: academicservices@mercer.edu