Family Listserv

First-Year Family ListServ

The Academic and Advising Services Family Listserv is designed for communicating specifically with the families of current first-year students. Throughout the year, families on this list receive periodic emails with general information and updates regarding academic programs for first-year students, important dates for the semester (including the dates on which students receive their academic progress reports>>), and other helpful tips in assisting in students' transition to the Mercer community.

All first-year families are automatically added to the Family Listserv based upon the family e-mail address provided by first-year students on their Online Academic Profile. If you would like to add additional family e-mail addresses to the listserv, contact the Office of Academic and Advising Services>>.

Listserv Messages

Below you will find a catalog of messages sent to families of the Class of 2020 from the Office and Academic and Advising Services.

Mid-Summer Reminders, Opening Day, and Bear Beginnings

Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 Semester