Student Resources

New Student Checklist

The New Student Checklist and Mercer resources listed below are helpful in preparing you for your transition to Mercer University.  Please note: Items denoted with an (*) apply solely to new first-year students.


Checklist Information

Be Admitted to Mercer

Students who have applied may receive acceptance to Mercer as early as August of the year prior to their enrollment. Congratulations!  Follow up with the Office of Admissions to submit your enrollment deposit.

Submit Immunization Form

Your Immunization Form>> should be mailed back to the Student Health Center soon as possible. This document requires students to provide their immunization histories for measles, mumps, and rubella along with the signature of a physician or health care provider. It must be completely filled out and received by the Student Health Center before beginning classes at Mercer.    

Review Scholarship Information

Various kinds of scholarships may be awarded to qualifying students.  Contact your Admissions Counselor for more information on financial aid, the HOPE Scholarship, and other forms of Georgia Aid.

Complete FAFSA

In order to receive federal and state financial aid, students must have filled out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. The information is then sent to Mercer's Office of Financial Planning (code #001580) for use in determining financial aid packages.


The housing application provides the Office of Housing and Residence Life vital information on where to house each incoming student, as well as serves as a contract between the student and Mercer for housing for that year. Fill out your application on your MyMercer portal>>. Under the Residence Life/Housing section, select 'Housing Information' > 'Housing Contracts' > 'current academic year' to access the contract.

Review University Bill

Your University Bill is generated 30-days prior to the start of the semester.  The bill will appear on your MyMercer account.  These bills are subject to change, but provide insight into expenses.  Tuition payment is due by the first day of class.

Review Health Insurance Information

All Mercer students are required to have health insurance coverage.  Mercer provides coverage to all its students.  Students are billed for the cost of health insurance coverage each semester.  If you already have coverage under another policy and do not want to pay health insurance fee, you must complete an online Student Health Insurance Waiver.  Carefully follow all instructions found on the Bursar's Office website>>. This process must be completed each term you are enrolled.  If you do not complete the waiver process by the deadline, you will be responsible for the payment.

Complete the Online Academic Profile
Register for Orientation

First-year students can fill out their Online Academic Profile beginning late-Spring of their senior year.  The Online Academic Profile is an important tool used by academic advisors when constructing student class schedules. This is also how first-year students register for Summer Orientation in June. Students will receive information in the mail and via e-mail with the link to the Online Academic Profile.*

Transfer students and/or students attending Spring Orientation or May Orientation will also complete an Online Academic Profile.  Transfer students starting in the fall will receive the electronic Transfer Student Orientation Form via e-mail mid-April.  Once completed, the Transfer Student Orientation Form provides academic background information and insight in students' future academic goals at Mercer. This information will be reviewed by an academic advisor from the students' academic department to construct a class schedule for the semester ahead.

Electronically Sign your 'Student Rights & Responsibilities' Form


All students have a "Student Rights & Responsibilities" hold that appears when you log in to MyMercer for the first time. To access this hold, log in to MyMercer>> with your MUID number as your username. Your password can be found in the e-mail sent from IT. Read and electronically sign this form for your "Student Rights & Responsibilities" hold to be removed. Students are unable to be registered for classes if holds remains on their student account.

Complete Campus Clarity Online Course

The Campus Clarity "Think About It" online course was created by students for students as a way to approach the interconnected issues of substance abuse, sexual violence, and healthy relationships through a variety of interactive, realistic scenarios and guided self-reflection.  This MANDATORY course promotes a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone. Complete the course PRIOR TO BEGINNING YOUR SEMESTER AT MERCER.

 Attend Orientation

Orientation is designed to give new students and families information about attending Mercer. Orientation also provides an opportunity for students to receive and review a course schedule, tour the residence halls, get a student ID card made, and communicate with other campus resources.

Purchase Textbooks

Students can look up textbook ISBN numbers and purchase textbooks at the Mercer University Bookstore Barnes & Noble website>>.

Complete Summer Reading

All first-year students are expected to complete the summer reading>>, The Whisper of the River by Ferrol Sams, for review in UNV 101.*

Attend Fall Orientation

First-year students move into their residence halls the Saturday before fall classes begin.  Our three-day fall orientation program for first-year students, known as Bear Beginnings>>, is when students will meet their orientation group (O-Group), Peer Advisor (PA), and academic advisor.*

Transfer students will attend a Transfer Check-In>> with the Office of Academic & Advising Services on the Monday before classes begin to receive their student handbook and planner, course catalog, FREE Mercer t-shirt, and FREE meal ticket for lunch in the dining center.

Navigating Mercer Resources

Mercer University stays connected with new students through a variety of resources, such as the MyMercer portal, student e-mail, and campus mailbox.  It is important that students learn to navigate these resources, as these become some of the primary methods of communication with faculty, staff, and the institution as a whole.  Students can begin accessing these Mercer resources as soon as they are admitted to the institution.  Information regarding the MyMercer portal, student e-mail, and campus mailbox will also be covered with first-year students during Bear Beginnings and the UNV 101 classroom.

To view a "How-to-Guide" to using Mercer Technology Resources, click here>>

MyMercer Student Portal

MyMercer, Mercer's student self-service portal, allows access to personal information, housing information, student records, registration, and financial planning resources.  To log into your MyMercer portal, view the MyMercer sign-in page>>.  Your username is your is your Mercer ID number.  Reference the e-mail from IT Helpdesk for password information.

Mercer E-mail Address

You can find your Mercer e-mail address by logging into MyMercer.  Select 'My Profile' then 'My Information' from the menu on the left hand side of your MyMercer homepage. Your Mercer e-mail address is listed in your personal information.  To check your e-mail via the Internet, visit the MercerLive log-in page>>.  Your username is your Mercer ID number.  Reference the e-mail from IT Helpdesk for password information.

MU Box Number

All Mercer University students have a campus mailbox to receive campus and postal mail.  Your MU Box is your mailbox throughout your time at Mercer.  To inquire about your Mercer University box number, contact Mail Services in the Connell Student Center>>.  Your campus mailing address will be:

Your Name
MU Box #
1501 Mercer University Drive
Macon, GA 31207