Special Consideration Programs

Special Consideration Programs for Professional Study.  Special Consideration Programs for Mercer’s professional schools (School of Law, College of Health Professions, School of Medicine, College of Nursing, and College of Pharmacy) are available to students enrolled in specific Mercer undergraduate colleges or schools. These programs offer special consideration status to participants who fulfill their specific program eligibility requirements upon application to the program’s professional school partner.

Accelerated Special Consideration Programs for Professional Study.  Exceptional Mercer undergraduate students can earn special consideration status as they apply for early admission to several of the professional programs, as shown below. These Accelerated Special Consideration Programs result in completion of the professional degree about one year earlier than the average completion time.  

     Accelerated SCPs for Athletic Training>>

     Accelerated SCP for Clinical Psychology>>

     SCP for Law>>            

     Accelerated SCP for Law>>

     SCP for Medicine>>

     SCP for Nursing>>

     SCP and Accelerated SCP for Pharmacy>>       

     Accelerated SCPs for Physician Assistant>>

     Accelerated SCPs for Physical Therapy>>

     Accelerated SCP for Public Health>>

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