For Parents and Families

A variety of resources and information is available to help you guide your student through her or his first year at Mercer!  Please utilize these campus resources, as well as the services provided by the Office of Academic and Advising Services, to aid in your student's transition to Mercer.

Student Services and Resources

Academic Resource Center>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2669
The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides tutoring, supplemental instruction, and other programs to boost students' academic success.  ARC also conducts workshops throughout the year on a variety of study skills topics and houses an ergonomic computer lab.
Office of University Admissions>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2650
The Office of University Admissions handles all inquiries regarding undergraduate admissions including admissions requirements, transfer/AP credit, and campus tours.
Auxiliary Services>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2741
Auxiliary Services seeks to provide students with some of the comforts of home while they are away from home.  Auxiliary Services furnishes the Microfridges, laundry services, copy services, and meal plans.  The department also administers the campus mail services and the campus bookstore.

Office of the Bursar>> |  Phone: 478.301.1111 
The Office of the Bursar receives student tuition payment and can answer questions regarding student accounts.  It also houses the Student Bank where students can have checks cashed.lab.


Campus Life>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2868

Campus Life works with students, faculty, and staff to keep the campus alive with several co-curricular activities.  Campus Life coordinates QuadWorks and Greek Life.
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2862
Mercer is concerned with the physical and emotional health of its students.  CAPS offers counseling to all currently enrolled Mercer students at no fee.  Areas of expertise include transition to college, relationship management, stress management, and drug and alcohol abuse.
Dining Services>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2925
Mercer Dining Services feeds your hungry student!  Dining Services offers a variety of meal plan and menu options.  You can even send your student "Love From Home" gift packages.
Office of Financial Planning>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2670
The Office of Student Financial Planning is your resource for funding an education at Mercer.  Each student is assigned a Financial Planning Counselor to help them and their families through the process of selecting, applying for, and receiving financial aid.
Housing and Residence Life>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2687
Residence Life is available to answer any questions regarding your student's accommodations.  This office can assist with housing matters such as room assignments, roommate selection, and special housing needs.
Mercer Police>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2970
Mercer Police is responsible for enforcing parking regulations, responding to emergencies, and maintaining overall campus safety.  Mercer Police can do anything from help locate students in case of an emergency to assist them in retrieving keys from a locked vehicle. 
Religious Life Center>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2992
Finding spiritual direction can sometimes be a challenge for students in their college years.  The Religious Life Center offers opportunities for worship, fellowship, and service to students of any denomination.  The Center also maintains a directory of worship centers in Macon to help students select a local church home.
Student Health Center>>  |  Phone: 478.301.2696
It's tough being sick and away from home.  The staff of the Student Health Center understands offers excellent care to students, ranging from immunizations to medications.  The Center also provides a variety of health education programs to keep Mercer healthy.